Texas Longhorns are a symbol of the American West. In days gone by the Longhorn had much shorter horns, none the less they were still considered Longhorns. Today the Texas Longhorn has been bred to have extraordinarily beautiful horns as well as a rainbow of color and a multitude of patterns.

All of the Texas Longhorns at Triple 7 Ranch are registered with the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America (TLBAA), and are also each one halter broke, sweet as can be, and a part of the family. We enjoy the opportunity to share our cattle with the public while showing them at the Tulsa State Fair and other Longhorn events.

Beef Cattle

Triple 7 Ranch has a small herd of Beef cattle that are raised for the purpose of having farm fresh, pasture raised beef. All of the beef animals are raised with love and care on our 38-acre ranch, grazing the tall, lush grass to their hearts desire. Our beef is always antibiotic and hormone free. Any supplemental feed given to the beef cattle is always GMO-free.