Free Range Eggs

Triple 7 Ranch Free Range Eggs are delicious and nutritious. Our eggs are brought to you by happy, healthy, truly free-range hens that spend their days roaming our pastures and taking in the fresh air and sunshine on our 38-acre ranch. All eggs are GMO-free, hormone free, and antibiotic free.

Meat Chickens

Triple 7 Ranch produces delicious pastured Cornish Cross meat chickens. Our chickens have access to all the GMO-free feed that they want as well as continually fresh pasture. Our birds are hormone free and antibiotic free.

The Cornish Cross is similar to the chicken you would purchase in the grocery store, but much, much better. The taste is exceptional!!

Chickens are available to purchase as whole, 4-5 ½ pound birds as well as boneless skinless chicken breast, leg quarters and other cuts.