About Us

Triple 7 Ranch is owned and operated by the mother daughter team of Barbara Carlock and Laurel Carlock. These two ladies bring with them years of agricultural and livestock knowledge that started out in Colorado in 1988 with a few head of sheep and a flock of chickens.  Over the years they have been a part of the family farming operation, using natural insect predators to provide worm free sweet corn, long before organic and natural were a known and sought-after commodity.  They also were part of the family business making and selling compost commercially, and running a commercial sheep operation, lambing out over 150 ewes.  Along the way Barbara began incorporating natural health care into the family routine.  Essential Oils are an intricate part of health care on the ranch for humans and animals alike.

In 2012 they moved from Colorado to Oklahoma with six horses in tow and began a new chapter in life.  In 2014 they started Triple 7 Ranch with three head of registered Texas Longhorn Cattle.

Shortly thereafter they began adding to the livestock family to get to where they are today.

Currently in 2021 they have a small herd of registered Texas Longhorn show cattle, Pastured GMO-free beef cattle, a Jersey milk cow, registered Nubian goats, purebred Berkshire hogs, horses, a burrow and a donkey, as well as over 100 Truly Free Range GMO-free laying chickens,  and Pastured GMO-free Cornish Cross meat chickens.

Another part of the fun at Triple 7 Ranch is training and adopting out the iconic wild Mustang horse.

Barbara was a town girl who grew up riding horses in the hills of southeastern Colorado.  As an adult she moved to the country and continued her love of animals, learning and growing in animal husbandry along the way.  Laurel grew up loving horses, purchasing her first horse, an Appendix Quarter horse in 2006 and her first wild Mustang in 2008.  After graduating high school  Laurel went on to earn a college degree in Horse Training and Management.  After settling into their home in Oklahoma they began working with the Bureau of Land Management training Mustangs that are rounded up, and adopting them out into their forever homes.

Barbara and Laurel have completed the Oklahoma State University Master Cattleman Class, and are members of Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association, Texas Longhorn Breeders Association of America, Oklahoma Texas Longhorn Association, American Dairy Goat Association, American Pastured Poultry Producers Association, and Mustang Heritage Foundation.

The two ladies totally enjoy what they do and believe that animals raised in a peaceful atmosphere, eating food that is natural to each, and getting all the love and care they could want, is the best way for animals to live out their lives.